Paradise Aircraft Sales - Paradise P1 NG light sport aircraft

The Paradise P1 NG  light sport aircraft is a safe, fast, low stall, fuel efficient, all metal aircraft with a large load capacity.  In 1999 the first P1 took flight and was an immediate success.  In Brazil where the design originates farmers loved it for its load capacity and ability to take off and land on dirt strips.

Due to the demand for the Paradise P1 required the factory to expand, and in 2002 it was moved to a much larger facility. The factory currently produces several other models of Paradise aircraft.  The P4 is a 4 seat aircraft with a Lycoming engine and variable pitch propellor.  The P2-S is a two seater with a Lycoming engine and large load capability.  

When the FAA created the US Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category in 2004, the Paradise P1  already met the definition and soon thereafter became ASTM compliant. Once compliance was completed, Paradise Aircraft began delivering the P1 to foreign and domestic customers including the US where about a dozen P1s are flying today.

The feel of the airplane is solid and responds to a light touch on the controls, it is easy to fly and very solid in turbulence. It is a perfect airplane to train in because it looks and feels like a general aviation aircraft.

Paradise P1 NG

Paradise P1 NG light sport aircraft review, by Dan Johnson.
One of the best features is the ease of getting in and out of the paradise. It is that the strut is behind the door entrance, and with the large door, getting in and out is easy.